Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day.... Christmas Day.... Christmas Day

All I want for Christmas...

I know that nothing is perfect, but if it is possible to have a perfect Christmas I had one yesterday. We went to church together, we had lunch at a restaurant and we opened presents at home.  Everyone was home in time for a nap and that was that.  :)

Okay, the restaurant... we were welcomed by a peppy little teenager with a santa hat and we ate to our little hearts content.  Then Santa came! :D He handed out presents for the kids and I got a photo with him and he hugged me.  I know, I shouldn't be gushing, but I forgot how warm and fuzzy Santa is.  I finished flirting with Santa and then we had dessert. 

Back at home, we opened our presents and the kids played with balloons with their Grandma while my sister and I hung out on the lounge.  The kids got Dad a "bald mans' brush" it is a polishing cloth.  LOL
I think I must have got everything on my wishlist.  I have: new sheets, John Green books, dvds, a diary, Graeme Base books and the list goes on. 

My sister did something kind of outrageous.  She wrote to my all time favourite author, Nora Ephron and told her all about me.  She asked Nora if she could talk to me on the phone AND told her about my blog.  So, I guess I better step up my game. 

But more importantly, I had a peaceful day with my family and I talked to my bestie.  So, there was my perfect Christmas. Food, Family and Friends. 

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