Saturday, November 5, 2011

Human Smiles

There are days when I don't want to get out of bed.  Don't worry, I still get out of bed on these days.  I shower and dress up.  I go to work and sometimes I even go out for dinner.  Some of these days are quite a blur.  I am on autopilot and each and every action simply merges with the following action.  I don't remember much of it and I don't really participate in the interaction with others.  This isn't every day.  It is just once in a while.  

Sometimes, I wake up and I think that maybe it is going to be one of these days.  But recently I have discovered something that snaps me out of it.  The day turns around.  It might not go from being a "dark" day to a "sunny" day, but it becomes much more bearable and I don't need to remove myself in order to endure it.  Actually it isn't a thing so much as a who... or rather "whos".

I have discovered that there are people in my life who don't really have to do anything much accept be there and it makes my day better.  Usually these people have a smile for me, sometimes they have a laugh.  But some of them are just a disembodied voice on the end of the phone or words on a screen (email buddies are awesome)!  Simply hearing from them reminds me that I am not alone.  

It is amazing what a difference a single person can make!