Monday, October 31, 2011

Teachers on Holidays

What are teachers doing while everyone is whinging about the excessive amount of holidays educators are given?

Annie: went on a trip to Japan, with twelve exchange students.

Bob: wrote a novel.

Cathy: spent the first week caring for her grandmother after an operation and the second week with her teenage children at a ski resort.

Debbie: visited her daughter and met her 4 month old grandson for the first time.

Eric: went to the school robotics championships with a team of 14 year old students.  He was responsible for organising the transport, accommodation and training.  He also had to organise alternative supervision and outings. 

Fred: went on his first overseas vacation in 20 years.

Glenda: photocopied, folded and stapled 200 programs for the school speech night. She also saw a couple of movies with her children.

Henry: spent two weeks watching You Tube videos and googling interesting weather channel images for his upcoming year 7 unit on climate change.

Irene: the single mum, entertained her three children for two weeks.

Johnathon: rebuilt two secondhand computers for his year 6 students to use in his classroom.

Kaitlin: went to three museums, two art galleries and the science centre.

Leon: attended a week long seminar on behaviour management and learning styles.

Maggie: also attended a week long seminar but it was about the integration of information and communication technology in physical education pedagogy.

Naomi: went on a week long development course for teenage girls.

Oscar: went on two chaplaincy camps as a volunteer supervisor.

Peter: read 6 novels and went fishing.

Quinn: power-disced The Sopranoes television series.  Planned three weeks of lessons for his department. 

Roger: took his children to the library everyday that it was open. 

Sandy: took the family camping.

Tina: organised twelve play dates for her children and made a cake from scratch for her sister's wedding.

Ursula: stayed home and wrote six weeks worth of blog entries.

Vera: built a virtual classroom on the internet for her School of the Air students.

Wilbur: finished renovating his second floor bathroom.

Xavier: got married.

Yolanda: went to Canada to visit family. 

Zac: volunteered at the local Salvos Shop.