Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sample Wishlist

As promised: a wishlist from a pro.

  1. Coloured pencils
  2. Colouring books
  3. Word/Number puzzle books
  4. itunes vouchers
  5. Books written by John Green (I don't have any of his books so you can't really go wrong)
  6. Norah Ephron (actually I would like her books, but if for some reason you are magical enough to wrangle me an interview with her I would be eternally grateful).
  7. I need shoes and clothes... so a bit of cash would be super!
  8. How I Met Your Mother Season 6 on DVD
  9. Books written by Jackie French, Graham Base or Mem Fox (check with *insert friend name here* for titles)
  10. A Massage!! (*insert favoured beauty parlour here* sells vouchers)
  11. CD's (check with *insert friend name* for titles)
  12. Harry Potter 7 (part 1) on DVD
  13. Gold Class Movie Tickets
  14. Boggle SLAM card game
  15. FindIts (I have the children's edition and the girly pink one already)
  16. Downton Abbey Season 1 on DVD
  17. School Supplies for students in third world countries (you can purchase these through the World Vision catalogue and *insert friend name* has details)
  18. Kingsingle sheets and pillowcases (*insert preferred colour*)
  19. Genie bras
  20. Chocolate!!!! :) *specify favoured varieties*
Don't forget to say please!