Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gift Giving: it's time!

1st October.  The shops are selling Christmas decorations.  The Giant Toy sale where you can lay-by until Christmas Eve has come and gone.  The wishlists have been compiled and the shopping begins. 
On a side note: A few weeks ago I mentioned to my mum and sister that audio books would be great gifts for me this year and both of them replied with, "I have already bought your present."  AAARRRGGGHHHH
Anyway, I have decided to dedicate October to a series on Gifts.  Some may say that it is too soon to start talking about Christmas gifts.  However, I am going to broaden my blogging to every kind of gift possible.  Also, for people who really are interested in my opinion and ideas relating to gift giving... as in "What do I buy the person who has everything?" kind of stuff, then this is the time these people should be reading it.  If I wrote about this stuff on Christmas Eve, it would be no use to anyone.
So, Welcome to October!  Pop in and see if you don't learn a thing or two this month.  :)