Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dad Gifts

Like Dad Jokes... there is a phenomenon that is known as The Dad Gift.  This is a gift that you didn't know you needed or even wanted, but your dad has put so much effort into buying it for you that it becomes one of your favourite things.  I have a number of these at my house! 

My parents went to Tasmania in 2009.  This was a big deal and it is all my mother talked about for the six months leading up to it and the six months after.  My mum bought my sister a lovely pair of earrings from one of the gem stores.  Dad bought me a pen that was magnetised and hung from an oval shaped plastic thing that had a clock in it and this was mounted on another plastic thing that had an hollowed out box filled with memo paper.  I just realised that my description doesn't quite do my gift justice.  One day... there will be a photo :)

In 2010, my parents went on another holiday.  I don't remember where.  I also don't remember what they bought my sister, but I do remember what they bought me.  Dad, found a bookmark made with cream coloured ribbon and a bejewelled pendant (when I say bejewelled, I mean beads that look like jewels but are plastic).  He bought it at the Harry Potter Store that was at the place they visited.  So, obviously he thought that was important to me.  

On my 18th birthday, Dad gave me a three tier wheeled shelf system.  I had to put it together myself.  I used it all the time since then until about two years ago when Dad decided he could use it in his office.  I am sure this was part of some elaborate plan (lol). 

Mum often apologises for these gifts.  My boss claims that my father doesn't like me much.. and finds this hilarious.  My sister laughs and says she's the favourite.  I reckon I'm the favourite.  Dad makes the effort to find something that he thinks I will like.  That makes all the gifts he buys me special.  Some of these presents are a bit odd, not exactly the kind of thing that I am expecting.  But... if I had one... my Dad Gifts would go "straight to the pool room!"  

:) M