Monday, July 25, 2011

She left me!

Hagird here!  So M has had a bit of a week!  Her dad was in hospital and she had to stay with her mum.  So poor M!  But personally I think you all need to spare a thought for poor furry me! 

M left me.  She just packed up and went.  Not a cuddle or a note.  I was right there, I watched her pack, she could have taken a second to say, "By the way Hagrid, my love, Dad is in hospital and I have to go for a few days."  But no, she just left.  Then, I have to spend nearly a week with the BFF.  I love the BFF, but she has these weird rules about personal space bubbles and teddy bears picnics. 

Anyway, M is back.  She is trying to compensate me by giving me lots of cuddles and smiles and telling me stuff.  She is even typing this blog for me, because we all know that my paws don't agree with the silly keyboards you humans seems to love so much! 

I'm so glad she is back! :)