Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hagrid's Sleepover

Hello everyone, 
M is typing this for me because my paws just don't work on her silly laptop keyboard.  I wanted to tell you about the sleepover with #4.  I like #4 and he likes me.  We play together when he comes over and he gives me loads of cuddles.  I really enjoyed our sleepover because we had a picnic on the rug in front of the TV.  #4 even shared his strawberry jam on toast with me.  It was really yummy.  We watched movies together and listened to M read some stories.  I watched #4 play on his DS (I was going to play too, but the buttons were too small for my paws).  I was really sad when my little friend went home early, because we were having so much fun.  The rest of the gang had a great time too.  We all jumped on #4 when he went to bed and snuggled under his blanket in the morning while we waited for M to wake up.  I missed out on breakfast though.  Rice Bubbles are one meal #4 won't share!  M took lots of photos of us.  But this one is my favourite!  
#4 and me having an indoor picnic
You guys are awesome!  Keep reading the stories we put up here.  If M doesn't blog, I gotta listen to her tell me everything she is thinking!  Stay tuned there is another week of holidays and another sleepover, so it is likely that you will hear from me again soon.