Saturday, June 4, 2011

Music Roots

It seems that whatever our parents listened to when we were children seems to influence our taste in music throughout our lives.  Like it or not, the audio choices made by our parents impact us, for better or worse, forever more.  You may believe that you do not like anything your parents do.  You don't listen to their daggy old music.  You have taste.  However, whether you are flinching or smiling when the parents put on a "record" they have influenced you.  If you like it, well, there you go.  If you don't... I would suggest that there is a part of you, no matter how small, that has that aversion to the sound simply because your parents are enjoying themselves.  I will leave that delightful thought with you.

But I think it is time to share my music roots:

I was raised on the likes of "O When the Saints" and "Jesus Loves Me" not to mention, jazzed up spirituals, orchestral arrangements of rock and Salvo Musicals.  Then there was, Gilbert and Sullivan, Rogers and Hammerstein, The Beatles, ABBA, Neil Diamond, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day and their friends.  While others may liken this music to bagpipes being run over by a semi-trailer, this music truly speaks to my heart.

That's that then.