Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Holiday Reading

The blog faithful are fully aware of my passion for books.  I jump on a book bandwagon quicker than I pounce on Chocolate cake!  So, of course, being the school holidays, I have turned to that pile of books that I have been "waiting" to read.  However, it has been put on hold (yet again) because I have reading to do for school.

A year 9 class that I work with will be reading The Hunger Games for their novel study next semester.  I am sick of working in classes and only having a marginal concept of the general themes in the book, so The Hunger Games was first on my list.  I just finished it, and it is excellent!  It is the first in a trilogy, so now I have to wait for my inevitable return to school so I can borrow the next book from the library.  I don't know how their teacher (a fan of the book) managed to wait in between the release of the books!  At least I only have to wait two weeks!  I am really looking forward to discussing this book with the students and of course the teacher in me has already got a load of activities and discussion questions bouncing around my brain.

There is also a neat little stack of text books about reading instruction, listening skills and lesson planning.  Doesn't that sound riveting?!