Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Lizzy!

The dear old matriarch of the Commonwealth Royal Family: Queen Elizabeth II has given us a holiday to celebrate her birthday.  We have this holiday every year on the Monday following the second weekend in June.  But (and apparently this is common knowledge) the Queen's date of birth isn't even in June! 

Her real birth date is 21 April 1926 at 2.40 AM.  She was born at her maternal grandparents' house and Christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.  

The reason we celebrate this wonderful occasion two months late, is that King George III was born on 3 June and he was the Sovereign at the time of the holiday's conception in 1788.  Therefore, it was called the King's Birthday and celebrated in June.  Rather than change the holiday based on the birthday of succeeding monarchs, the date has stayed relatively stable.  

But (as in all things) Western Australia does not observe this particular birthday until much later.  They take the holiday in October, which I am sure, is a welcome holiday between May and December.  

So, there you go, that is why the east coast and central Aussies are slacking off today.  Well, more than usual.