Thursday, June 30, 2011

According to the cushion

While on my honeymoon almost exactly 6 years ago, I purchased a cushion for my mum.  It was one of those decorative cushions that have words embroidered on it.  The words are usually a bible verse or some sappy saying like "If friends were flowers I'd pick you!" But occassionally you can find one that is both beautiful and witty.  This cushion was one of those rare finds and it said: (that's right, it was a talking cushion!)

"Only DULL Women have IMMACULATE Houses" 

My mother thought it was hiliarious.  While the honeymoon is certainly over, so is the marriage for that matter, Mum still has the cushion hanging in her spare room.  Perhaps if I had heeded the advice of the magical talking cushion I would still be married.  During the last six months of living with my husband... our house was spotless.   

These days however, my house is the opposite of immaculate!