Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday (actually this week), I have had the opportunity to participate in a spot of retail therapy!  All of my shopping has been under the guise of preparation for my return to work.  You see, I need new posters for my classroom.  Books will need to be covered.  I need new notebooks nd I have lost most of my pens and folders and I will definitely need more tape for my label makers.  Of course, when I found a book pack containing not 2, not 4, but EIGHT Mem Fox titles for a reasonable price of about $30 it would have been ludicrous to walk by.  Imagine my delight when I realised that I didn't have those titles already!!!  When I saw that a text book (work related) that I have been coveting was on special yesterday... half price.... I had to buy it.  I then found a Jeannie Baker picture book and it was on special too!!!  Oh the joy!!!

The ice cream sundae of my day was topped off by quite the magical cherry... SHOES!!! I have very particular taste in shoes you see.  I have to buy a specific brand, and every pair of shoes needs to get a tick in all the boxes.  Each pair must be supportive, comfortable and at least a little bit trendy, while maintaining the versatility of a classic shoe.  It is also imperative that my orthotics fit inside.  So, when I discovered that a very rare Ziera (once known as Kumfs) shoe shop had opened in my local area (I used to travel an hour to get to my old shoe shop) I was absolutely delighted!!!!!  When I tried on a new pair of shoes, every box was ticked, and my feet were in heaven.  There is nothing better than a comfortable shoe!!!  So of course, I had to buy a pair, and resist the urge to buy an extra one for storage in the back of the closet.

So my day was complete, new school supplies, new shoes and lunch with Mum.  Next week I will tackle the stationery store; my credit card is going to be very tired!