Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Dr Sanders,

Screw You! As if there aren't enough people in my life telling me what to do... and you send me to this guy who apparently knows everything there is to know about my "condition" and about me.  This guy who reckons he knows what I'm thinking.  
You know what... you are all idiots! 
None of you know how I feel.  None of you have sleepless nights because of this.  None of you even pretend to take my burden home with you and actually care about the person I am.  None of you have ever really asked the important question! The question that is in the back of everyone's head.  
You haven't answered any questions either.  Did you ever consider going into politics?... you would be real good at it!  The way you and your little friends with your framed certificates go skating around questions is phenomenal.  While we are on the subject of "certificates" and "magic little letters after ones name."  I've got those too, pal. I know how to go to a framing store, just like the kid in the 5th grade who framed his "Student of the Week" certificate.  Grow up!  I'm not impressed by a piece of paper.

One last thing.... do you think you lot could talk to each other please? Because one of you tells me to "rest" and the other tells me to exercise an hour a day.  Another tells me to drink plenty of fluid and keep eating... while another tells me to decrease my portion sizes.  Then you tell me it doesn't matter what I eat.  One tells me to tell my family and friends how I'm feeling, and my family and friends stop talking to me.  Another tells me I should withdraw, while another says to participate at all costs.  Just try to agree on something.  Anything.  Just one thing.  Please? That's all I'm asking for! 

Wait a did agree on at least one thing...You all agree on your opinion of me.