Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blurred Boundaries of Fact and Fiction..Part 2

BTW It is very important that you read Part 1 or you really won't get what I am about to say!

Every Author must choose between...
1. writing their deepest darkest secrets and the absolute truth; then living in hope that others will insist it is exaggerated and imagined... in other words, no one believes you.
2. writing pure fiction and allowing readers to believe that the author has lived a far more exciting, sordid, interesting, humorous and adventurous life as opposed to a run of the mill existence.

Truth be told... the line between fiction and non-fiction is blurred or at best thin. The setting of any narrative is a created version of reality.  All readers bring background knowledge (or lack of) and personal experience to their "reading" of a text.  Readers and even writers do this whether they intend to or not.  Every person who chooses to engage with any text sees it through their own eyes.  Their perspective is shaped by their identity, which (as intelligent people know), is characterised by; family, culture, language, economics, society, media, experience, illness, location, other texts and the list goes on.  

Draw the line in the sand if you must, but even fictional texts have an element of truth.

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