Monday, February 14, 2011

Love In Every Season

It's quite strange really.  I first wrote this one day last year when I was lying on the floor (a common occurrence).  I was stretching, and looking out the glass door at the garden.  The words simply formed in my mind and I rushed for paper and pen.  The BFF liked it, so there :P.  I have since made a few alterations, but you wouldn't know unless I'd told you! :)  I thought it rather fitting for today! 

Love In Every Season
Hold me in the Winter.
Dance with me in Spring.
Lay with me in Summer,
In the Autumn sing.

The fall's a time for pruning.
A path to newer ways.
Declare a love that's pure,
A love so strong and sure.

So, Hold me in the Winter,
Be fresh, and white and true.
Harder than before,
But I'll love you evermore.

Dance with me in Springtime,
Like the children do.
The sun shines brightly o'er the land,
Nature's colours shining through.

Lay with me in Summer,
Waiting for the breeze.
A time, we know, life starts to ease.
A smile now is just enough,
A simple look or single touch.

The Autumn comes, leaves will fall.
A purpose to renew.
This day I say "I love you"...
Do say you love me too.  

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