Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February: The Poetry Month

I don't know why this idea came to me, or why I think it's a good one.  I do know, that this genre is coming easily to me right now.  I also know that February is the month when we celebrate "love" or should I say "romance."  Also, for me anyway, it is a month of family birthdays.  Therefore some of my poems will be run along that theme and others will be random.  I will try to use different forms of poetry as well.

Nan says "If it doesn't rhyme it isn't a poem."  Sorry Nan, but this month very few of my posts will fit your criteria.  But hang on to your hats loyal readers and passers by alike, this month will be filled with rhyming verse, strange words, favourite things, limericks, cinquaines and haikus.  I might even define each type of poem for you.  We will see.  This might actually be fun...

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