Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Attempt at a Limerick

The first attempt...the BFF helped!

There once was a bear, we called Hagrid
Who sat on my chair, when abandoned,
The chair was so soft,
He felt like he was the boss,
So he stole the remote single-handed!

The Professor

 I will try again....attempt number 2.

There once was a monkey professor,
Met Dharma and wanted to impress her,
He climbed up a tree,
Yelled out "hey, look at me!"
But fell down when she took back her ladder.  

One More... just for fun!

"RRuff" was the name of the Dog
Who was known as a great big bed hog!
He was cranky and floppy
And could be quite stroppy,
When he wasn't the star of my blog! 

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