Sunday, February 6, 2011

An Acrostic

"Acrostic poetry is a form of short verse constructed so that the initial letters of each line taken consecutively form words.  The term is derived from the Greek words akros (at the end) and stichos (line)."  
- Jason Chang, 1999

This simple form of poetry is a popular structure for the novice poet.  Teachers use an even simpler form by asking students for a single word or phrase to follow each starting letter.  As it is Sunday, the word I chose for my Acrostic was CHURCH.  Acrostic poems are often written about specific people and use the letters of the person's name.  But nearly any noun can be used.  The words and phrases are not random but are relevant to the title noun.  

Cheerfully chattering,  friends and family to meet.  Together kneeling at their God's feet.
Hugs are given and Happiness proclaimed, as news of all matters is gladly exchanged.
Understanding each other, the Word and the times. Learning and teaching about a new life.  
Reaching for comfort, a place safe to abide.  Some are discouraged, some filled with pride.
Celebrations are shared among worries and woes.  Every family, has plenty of those.
Houses of Hearts commune in practical prose.  The seeds of  faith are watered and grow.

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