Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Know It's Australia Day When....

1. The Weather Man is saying.."It's gonna be a scorcher!" and you believe him because it is only 7am and you are sweating.
2. When you switch on the TV the only options available are Cricket and Tennis or re-runs of Cricket
and Tennis.
3. Foxtel is celebrating with an Aussie Movie Marathon.
4. Some old guy is on TV during every commercial break telling you to "chuck some lamb on the barbie!"
6. Aussie Flags are showing up...EVERYWHERE!
7. The news is showing the same footage of a crowded beach that they have used for the last ten years.
8. People are talking about citizenship and getting "naturalised" (ouch).
9. There has been a natural disaster in the last six weeks.
10. A huge concert in the middle of your capital city is headlined by Aussie Artists.
11. Ya Mum made Pavlova... from scratch!!
12. You're disappointed when you realise that you forgot the lamingtons.
13. Some kid with a science degree is on TV claiming he's Australian of the Year!
14. The words; Crikey, Stone the crows, Ya silly sheila, Give us a snag and G'day Mate; slide into your vocabulary (just for the day) and
15. Anzac Biscuits are an acceptable breakfast food.

But you know what is truly great about Australia Day... We get a day off school and work (etc) so we can hang out with our "mates" and celebrate our Lucky Country!  Regardless of the latest weather, our politics or our religion, we can all agree that Aussies live in the best country in the world!

Happy Australia Day Everyone!!! :)

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