Monday, January 17, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth

I informed you all that I managed to finish reading this book on New Years Eve (although technically it was after midnight so it was New Years Day).

I love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney.  It is a "coming of age" story from the perspective of a 12 y.o. boy called Greg, starting middle school.  The Ugly Truth tells of his last(?) year at middle school and he is hitting puberty.... with a great big bat!  He is dreading the "talk" that he will get from Grandma at the next family event, which is the fourth wedding for the same Uncle.  He experiences a girl/boy party (of sorts).  As always he tries to navigate his way around school work, parents, sibling rivalries, finding friends and keeping them.  The family gets a maid, his friend begins to "develop" before him, and he inadvertently gets himself in trouble.  Just like most teenagers I suppose!

I like reading these books.  Besides the fact that I "have" to read them I enjoy taking that step back in time.  Even though the protagonist is a boy, I remember having similar feelings, events and characters at my high school.  I remember wanting to be popular and not knowing how to go about it.  I remember having friends that weren't really my friends.  I also remember Sex Ed classes and the related rumours.  I remember the teachers who unsuccessfully attempted to be "cool."  I remember wanting a pet (still want one!) and I remember being very very confused.  I remember my parents working all the time and wanting me to be more responsible.  But the main reason that I enjoy it, is that the author manages to find the humour in almost all of the painful and ridiculous events in the teenage experience.  He includes comic strip type sketches of characters and objects.  From the perspective of a grown up, it is an easy read and a nice wander down memory lane.

Kids seem to enjoy these books too.  Mr 10yo (my nephew, aka no1) is a little obsessed.  He was very excited to receive the first book for Christmas, and even more excited that I received book 5 for Christmas.  So I would recommend it for anyone who is at school or has been to school.  The books are really very funny, kids can relate to them... also, there is a bit of toilet/ snot/ stinky cheese humour and who doesn't like that?!

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