Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday... I learned a new word!

My teaching partner, and the only friend I have that is just a little bit crazier than me (we all have to have one), sent me a text message yesterday.  It said..."possibly zotting over your way tomorrow, shall i pop in...?"  to which I replied, "O yes pls. Ive never seen u zot before!" 

You see, I thought that "zotting" was a typo of some kind (they tend to happen when you combine hurried fingers and tiny buttons) and I was making fun of her (this also tends to happen when you put two crazies together).  Anyway, we were on the phone last night and she told me that "zot" is an actual word.  She even looked it up in the dictionary and read me the definition!  So my new word for the week (one that is rather fitting for the frenzy of the Christmas Season) is:

Zot (zotted, zotting): colloquial (that means slang): 1. to do or depart quickly. 2. to kill. 

I do hope I got that definition correct, my dictionary doesn't have it, so I'm writing it from memory!  Before you all start thinking that I'm the most gullible person on earth and my dear "crazy" friend is pulling my leg, why don't you "google" it?!   

Having said all of that, I have one thing to say to my "crazy" friend.  I love you honeysweet!  You know why I'm calling you that and for the purposes of A Great Title that is your new nickname.  Would you rather crazy friend?

I hope everyone's Wednesday was Wonderful!

BTW: I know it's Thursday Thank You Day.... I'm getting to it!

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