Monday, December 13, 2010

The very first one...


I suppose I should say good morning.  It is 12:15 am.  I have had a long and interesting sort of day and I can not sleep.  For those of you who don't know me or my sleeping patterns very well... I am usually in bed well before 10pm.  So this delightful experience of midnight television really is quite an afront to my routine.  So, I decided to do it.  Finally, I have set up the email account and the blog.  Here it is.  The very first post. 

For a number of months now my best friend has shared in my excitement about my "bright idea." This plan to compose my own blog.  I believe her encouragment is more related to the fact that she is forced to listen to my madness, and she hopes that if I get it out online, she will be spared my commentary on the world.  I guess she also hopes that my madness won't seem quite so mad when it is viewed in the context of the internet.  A place where anyone and everyone can be a published author.  Anyone can be a blogger and anyone can tell their story.  It really is an amazing concept.  My musing, or should we call it rambling considering the "late" hour, could be read by a complete stranger and all I have to do is press the button!  This could be quite exciting.  So for those of you who have decided to visit my lovely little blog, hang in there, I promise it will get more interesting.

If you are wondering what my blog will be about in future, rest assured that you are not alone!
More later,

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