Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

A short story through the eyes of a family pet

There is an awful lot of excitement around here today.  Everyone is very busy!  No one wants to play ball with me and I'm done sleeping.  I have to say it's really noisy.  There are these really silly songs playing, they are about bells and sleigh rides and snow (whatever that is).  Mum is in the kitchen whipping cream and cutting up fruit.  Dad is playing computer games with the boys.  The girls are hiding in their room with shining stuff and scissors and they are really giggly.  

I don't know why I'm surprised though, this happens every year!  Mum (I don't think she's my real mum, we look nothing alike) has been preparing for months.  She keeps circling things in catalogues and shopping on the Internet.  Then, a few weeks ago there was a terrible raucous.  The big box came out of the cupboard and the kids went nuts.  There were big long snakes of shiny stuff everywhere, and little balls with cotton on them.  It was very confusing, no one let me play with them... they kept hanging them on the plastic tree and laughing at me!  

Last week the craziness continued.  Mum and Dad came home during the day with gigantic boxes and coloured paper.  There was ribbon and toys everywhere.  I have never seen so many batteries.  I couldn't understand what they were doing, it is usually the kids that play with toys.  Perhaps Mum and Dad wanted to have a turn before the kids got hold of them, they do have a tendency to break things. Not me of course, I can't be broken, I'm a tough guy.  It doesn't matter how often they scratch my ears or pull my tail.  I love them just the same.  There is nothing better than a nap on the couch with a kid curled up next to you.  Oh wait, yes there is.  Fetch!  It's the best game ever! Oh dear, here it comes...

They are putting out biscuits and milk, not for me, but for some guy they call "Santa."  I don't get it though, because after the kids go to bed Mum and Dad are just going to drink the milk and eat the biscuits.  I have never seen this Santa dude.  This time of year all the humans just go silly.  I worry about them.  But then after a few weeks the plastic tree gets put away and the shiny stuff goes back in the box.  Eventually everyone settles down, the kids go back to school and we all go back to normal.  

 Uh-oh, reindeer ears.  The stupid girls are putting them on my head and taking photos.  My head feels crooked.  "AAAWWWW" they are saying.  Apparently I'm soo cute.  In actual fact, I soo have a headache.  

Finally!  They are all going to bed.  I have to admit, bed time is a lot easier tonight.  Mum is saying that Santa won't come if they don't go to bed by 8.  I wonder if the kids know that he isn't coming.  That he doesn't ever come.  Not to our house anyway.  Although, last year I got a present from Santa too. So maybe he waits until I'm asleep.  You would think I would hear him.  

Aaaahhhh, the lights are out and everyone is in bed, I'm just going to curl up on my bed and relax.  Apparently tomorrow is a big day.

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